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The project PROC (PARTNERSHIP FOR KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER AND RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT IN THE EVALUATION AND PREVENTION OF OCUPATIONAL RISKS WHICH MAY LEAD TO DISASTER) is funded by the European Fund for Regional Development and it will be developed by the Romanian National Research and Development Institute for Occupational Safety –I.N.C.D.P.M ”Alexandru Darabont”
     The overall objective of the project is to develop links and synergies between Romanian enterprises and the I.N.C.D.P.M "Alexander Darabont" as well as to increase and improve the research process through these links, links and synergies oriented:
-on one hand to the development of the Institute's activity through intelligent specialization;
-on the other part to meet the specific research needs of enterprises in the field of occupational safety and health so as to avoid not only unforeseen events that cause incidents and accidents but also those that cause significant material losses - damages, etc.
     The specific objectives of the project are:
- Establishment of contractual relations between the National Institute for Research and Development "Alexandru Darabont" and a number of significant enterprises in terms of the field of interest, allowing a technological transfer of specific framework structures developed as support for the future research .
- Carrying out innovative research, of real interest, at the request of enterprises, research focused on the field of intelligent specialization "Assessment and reduction of the occupational risks that could turn into disasters"; implementation of these researches in the beneficiary enterprises, so that the result of the research is a real-plus value for the beneficiary enterprise;
-Development of a smart decision-making system to introduce inherent safety into design and development of products for people with deficiencies
-The establishment of partnerships that will last after the end of the project and contribute to ensuring its sustainability
-Evaluation of the existing technical potential as well as of the scientific potential obtained by participating in national and international projects
     The main results followed by the project will be:
-a new and efficient occupational safety assessment method;
-expert system structures that would allow decision making in the case of unexpected events;

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